As an educator, consultant, and researcher who has worked with hundreds of adolescents and their parents, I have had the unique opportunity to observe thousands of teen-parent interactions -- the good, the bad, and the ugly!  I have seen it all . . . 

Over time I concluded that the success (or failure) of each relationship between a teen and a parent depends less on how the TEEN behaved and more on how the ADULT interacted with the teen.  I started to see a clear dichotomy between adults who have comfortable, harmonious, and successful relationships with teenagers and those who have conflict-ridden relationships with teenagers. The former understand some essentials truths about teenagers and the life stage of adolescence, the same truths that adults who struggle to form positive relationships with teens seem not to get.

In The Teen Talk Course, I put these truths into a methodology I called The Five Layer Method of Building Rapport and Trust with Teenagers. My method teaches workable strategies and easy to understand principles that any parent or adult who wants to build rapport and trust with teenagers can employ.

My ultimate goal is to both inspire and challenge parents to rethink the choices they make in order to build healthier relationships with their children and teens.  My mission ultimately serves a larger purpose of spreading hope and healing to families. 

I look forward to helping you build amazing rapport and lasting trust with your teenager. — Dr. Donna Risolo

Dr. Donna is the creator of The Teen Talk Course and the book by the same name, Teen Talk: Dr. Donna’s Guide to Building Rapport and Trust with Teens. She is working on her second book, Raising the Virtuous Child: How Benjamin Franklin's 13 Virtues Can Create Happy, Healthy, and Successful Children in the 21st Century.